Does your home have a lack of airflow? Perhaps you’re noticing a nasty smell from standing water? Is there sand or dirt coming through the vents or cracks in your home?

Dust Busters is here to help provide a solution to all of these problems. In the past, relocating the air duct system into the attic space has been the only solution for many home owners … until now.

The Duct Armor® patented process for duct restoration is non-invasive and eliminates the need to break up the foundation of your home or relocate the ductwork above. The relocation process can be pricey and take a long time.

By choosing Dust Busters to line your ductwork with Duct Armor®, you’re guaranteed upfront and honest communication, personal home protection and quality service from our certified clean team.


Our coating material for the duct lining process is a proprietary water-based latex that contains zinc. Duct Armor® has been rigorously tested for safety, including fire safety and outgassing testing.

Duct Armor® will inhibit the growth of any mold or bacteria, without the use of harmful poisons. Because no harsh chemicals are involved, there is no requirement for an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) number and is classified as non-hazmat for material shipping.

The liner material we use will not be damaged by water, but the source of your water problem should be eliminated before the restoration process takes place. Dust Busters will help you identify any interior/exterior issues of your home that may be increasing the water inside of your slab duct system.


Your home is most likely the most costly investment you will make. Protect your investment by putting a comprehensive plan together for the restoration of your air ducts. Dust Busters will make suggestions on how to eliminate water issues, mold, rust, odors and all the potential headaches that can come with slab ductwork.

Dust Busters can provide you a solution with Duct Armor®. Call us before you embark on any repairs and we will help you save time and money


The Duct Armor® lining process with Dust Busters exceeds all existing building codes in Michigan and throughout the United States. Duct Armor ® provides a durable and complete seal for your duct system, satisfying new energy regulations and providing immediate energy savings for years to come.

Underground Ductwork

The Duct Armor® patented process can be utilized to bring your slabs interior surfaces to like-new conditions.

Mold Remediation

Duct Armor® can prevent mold and other bacteria from growing inside your air ducts without the use of poisons.

Air Ducts Containing Asbestos

This product has been rigorously and EPA compliant for safely encapsulating asbestos in ductwork.

Allergen Reduction

Fully lined, clean air ducts will make a dramatic difference in your family’s health. Dust Busters can provide a cost effective way to make your ductwork safe and healthy again.

Eliminate Smoke Odor from Slab Ductwork

Sometimes cleaning and sanitizing your ductwork is not enough to eliminate the smoke odors. Cracks, rust and penetrations can all have an impact on whether or not cleaning and sanitizing can help with the smell. Dust Busters can completely eliminate any smoke odors in your ductwork.

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